A Time of Mourning

Over this week, the news of the Sabah earthquake has been constantly in my mind.

This sudden earthquake has taken the lives of many, but that of the young students and teachers from Tanjong Katong Primary School who were there on a Mount Kinabalu expedition hits home the hardest. I’ve been on a similar trip back when I was in secondary school to that exact mountain, and if I hadn’t fell sick, I would likely have used the exact same route to climb up to the peak of the mountain.

It is such a sad thing, because these children and teachers still have their full lives ahead.
It is such a sad thing, because these children and teachers are potential world-changers.

This is not the time to point blame, not the time to say who is in the right or in the wrong. In fact, no person is to blame for this tragedy.
This is a natural disaster, no human, no teacher, no government, no entity can claim responsibility for nature.
Heck, even insurance policies provide an exclusion for Acts of God.

This is the time to mourn and remember these children and teachers.
This is the time to come together and provide support to the friends and family of the victims of this tragedy.
This is the time to stand together with them and let them know that we, collectively as a community, are here for them.

Eventually, life goes on for us again, but for the families and friends of the victims, their lives will never be the same again.. Hoping and praying that they will find peace in the chaos, and quiet in the storm..

Edit: My pastor, Pastor Tan Seow How wrote an article about this too. You can click here to read it directly!

We can’t stop the falling rocks but we can stop throwing stones.

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