Woohoo! It’s been some time since I wrote something, but SOO many things have happened! So this is like #throwbackthursday, except it’s WAAAAAY longer than it should be on Instagram πŸ˜‰

Last Friday was such an exciting day for Heart of God Church! Last year, we launched #loveothers14, an initiative to love the people around us, for no rhyme or reason! There were students who went around giving sweets and study packs to their friends, young adults who wrote bought bread and snacks for bus drivers and workers, youth who went to love the elderly at hospices etc… There were just so many different things that happened to love the people around us!

We thought that was about the end of it, but last Friday, #loveothers14 was awarded the Kindred Spirit Circle Certificate by the Singapore Kindness Movement!

There are so many things that were done in this initiative that it would be almost impossible for me to talk about them all, but you can read more about the stories over at loveothers.sg! If you want to be a part of #loveothers15, you can also go to that website to register your interest! I’m definitely going for it! πŸ˜€

We also had a great service in church last week! Charleston preached about 4 Keys to Have when God Shows Up, and it really challenged me personally to really up my prayer and spiritual life!

After service last week, DV3 and DV81 CG also went to hang out together! We went all to Saizeriya at Cathay, and to mix things up a bit, we all sat in groups that usually don’t hang out together!

Anabel, Jiayu, Harrison, Henry, Roger

Kelly, Sir Tong, Stephanie, Grace

Wess, Claudine, me, Joseph Yeo

We really had fun hanging out and spending time with each other, and of course eating!! Haha, we were so hungry that we didn’t even take any pictures of the food, but just ATE when the food appeared haha!

After that, we went to get the much talked about Milk Cow!

Haha, again, too excited about the food to take pictures LOL

And of course, we ended with a we-fie!

If you noticed carefully, you’d see some people who didn’t appear in the first few pictures!

This is how every week in Heart of God Church is like! We might be people from different walks of life, different levels of society, but we are all people who simple love God, love people, love life.

Can’t wait for this weekend already! πŸ˜€ Off to have my fig tree moment now!

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