Hello world!

Ever since I’ve started learning coding on my own as a teenager, “Hello world” has always intrigued me.

It’s the first test of whether you can understand the basic syntax of any coding language. There’s the println("Hello world");, the alert("Hello world");, the echo "Hello world".

To me, this is how my life has always been.
This line of syntax means I will get this result.
Every action has a reaction.
If I do this, I will get that.

But only when I came to church did I realise that things are not always like that.
It is in church that I learnt about a love that surpasses all understanding.
It is in church that I felt accepted for who I am instead of what I do.
It is in church that I do the things that I do, because I was first loved.

As a result, this is how I see the world now. Most people have their own opinions about things that happen in their lives, in their communities, around them in Singapore, me included. It’s been soooooooo long since I’ve last had a blog, but hopefully this time round, it’ll actually last. 😉

Hello world!

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